On a return visit to a partner school outside of the UK, or at another pre-arranged date, Opportunity Education also facilitates trips for teachers, and other education professionals, to organise bespoke development trips to partner schools in order to:

Link classrooms together with international classrooms through skype/video chat/and other technologies that can help facilitate linked language lessons between the UK and other countries. Also see The Global Youth Ambassador Project

Investigate international policy, school procedures, and teaching and pedagogy through meetings with other educators, lesson observations, and full school immersion for the teacher.

Test out new ideas and teaching practice on EAL (English as an Additional Language) students across the globe, as well as developing the teachers own TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) skills. If teachers are interested in spending a longer period of time teaching in other countries and selected partner schools, excellent opportunities are listed with Opportunity Education’s partner company: Opportunity China (link here to OC website).

By developing teachers’ expertise in inter-cultural and global awareness, they will be able to understand, create and support, effective international collaborations.