Seaside Summer programme 

Based on the beautiful south coast of England, in the city of Southampton, our Seaside Summer programme incorporates a rich schedule of academic and social activities that will ensure that each student has a once in a lifetime learning experience to cherish and remember.

Our high quality academic programme provides an ideal way to develop students’ English language skills.  Professional, friendly teachers encourage the development of a range of language skills across numerous topics, and students practice and develop their English in the key areas that are relevant to their study level. Each class focuses on developing all English skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening, with a strong focus on speaking.

The topics of each lesson complement our cultural excursion and social programme, which enables students to enjoy supervised day trips to some of the UK’s most charming locations including Oxford, London, the New Forest, and Brighton. This enables our students to learn about British history and culture, and provides an opportunity for students to practice their English outside of the classroom.

See an example schedule here

Royal Experience Programme – The UK is steeped in tradition and history and in this programme we will introduce you to the history of British royalty and tradition.  There will be lessons on etiquette, how to speak ‘proper’ English, visits to famous royal castles and the ancient universities of Oxford and Cambridge.

Exclusive Experience Programme– Our exclusive programme will introduce you to the UKs most exclusive locations, such as Edinburgh, York, Oxford and Cambridge, whilst you learn about classical literature, ballroom dancing and etiquette. This programme is our most exclusive!

Top UK University Experience Programme– This programme has been created for very bright students who are considering UK. You will spend some time living and studying in one of the UKs most prestigious Universities, just like a student of the University would.  This programme will introduce you to what it is like to study at a British University, and will include cultural excursions to many beautiful locations across the UK.

Top University Tour Programme – the UK is internationally renowned for its world-class universities.  This programme will introduce you to the best Universities in the UK, including Oxford, Cambridge, Bristol, Sussex, Southampton, Bath, Imperial College London and Nottingham. Whilst visiting these prestigious universities we will also find time to visit some historic and beautiful destinations, including the famous Stonehenge, London and Brighton.

UK Culture – This programme will enable you to experience some of the UKs most desired locations including Shakespeare’s home, the Roman city of Bath, Windsor Castle and the University towns of Oxford and Cambridge.