Head Teachers, deputies, assistants and Education Leaders from across the world convene each year to share best practice on approaches to global educational collaboration. These summits, held in collaboration with the GYAP (Global Youth Ambassador Project), are an excellent opportunity to network with peers from across the Globe.

The 2016 Summit:

The Autumn 2016 summit was hosted in Chengdu, China by “Advanced International Academy and the Chengdu, Yunnan and Shandong Centers for International Education Exchange”. The theme of the summit was ‘Creative Thinking and Teaching in International Classrooms’.

130 education leaders from 7 countries travelled to China to debate the key topics, and engaged in seminars where they spoke of unique innovations within their own countries, as well as listening to the other delegates speak, and enjoying the networking and travelling opportunities.

A sample of the 2016 summit schedule can be found below, and educational leaders in future will have the opportunity to experience something similar:

Summit schedule

Details of the 2017 summit will be posted shortly.