How to make friends, and experience school, all over the world!

Did you know that students in South Korea start school at 8am and don’t finish sometimes until 10pm at night!



Did you know that some schools in France give you 2 hours for lunch?



Did you know that some classes in China have over 50 students in them?


Did you know that you can make friends from all over the world?


Have them visit your school?


Even go on trips to visit schools in other countries, with Opportunity Education?

If your school hosts students from another partner school, you could find yourself with your very own international buddy staying at your house! It will be your job to make them feel welcome, talk to them each day, help them out around school, and last of all of course: make sure you show them how you have fun after school!

If you like learning new languages, making new friends, trying new foods and learning about different cultures then Opportunity Education’s exchange programmes are for you! Make sure you tell your parents and teachers about these exciting opportunities for UK schools.

You could even go on your very own trip half way across the world to see what school, and life, is like in other countries. Some of our students have even been to China which you can read more information about here.