Case study: China

Students and staff have often taken up the fantastic opportunity for their students to visit the selected school in China that brought over students to be immersed in the UK host school originally. Opportunity Education’s special links with schools in China, in collaboration with its partner company (Opportunity China) have ensured over the years that only the best, most innovative and forward thinking schools in China are partnered with and used for exchange.

The UK school can use some of its credit built up by hosting the international students for an immersion programme to subsidise the visit and exchange programme in another country. Some UK schools have found this an exceptional opportunity to enable them to give this amazing international opportunity to students that may otherwise have never been able to attend such a trip, by using credit to cover the whole cost of the trip.

So as well as visiting and participating in events at the Chinese school that is hosting their very own immersion programme, students are able on this two week exchange visit to tailor sightseeing and travel opportunities to areas of interest and areas that will benefit their curriculum being studied. In the past, students and staff have visited the Terracotta warriors in Xian, the Great Wall of China near to Beijing, the Forbidden City within Beijing, the Giant Panda nature reserves in Chengdu, and the amazing skyline of Shanghai.