Opportunity Education specialises in international enterprise education. We provide a range of consultancy services to schools, universities, local councils or anyone that aims to develop an entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Entrepreneurial ecosystems consist of all the factors that enable entrepreneurship to thrive and can include the following:

Opportunities to network

Such as entrepreneur meet-up groups or networking events – these groups enable entrepreneurs to build a support network of others who face similar challenges. An example of a group developed by Opportunity Education is the SENSE group, which organise monthly sessions for university graduate entrepreneurs.

Space to grow

Incubation Space can form a centre of entrepreneurship in a community. When run well they can help entrepreneurs to establish their enterprise and grow beyond the incubation space. Incubators also play an important role in encouraging bright young entrepreneurs to remain in the local area. They can be a hub for innovation, investment and growth.

Access to seed and growth funding

Often, a small sum of investment can make a real difference to a budding entrepreneur. Opportunity Education have experience in running a range of seed funding programmes, from the traditional business plan and presentation application format, through to innovative online crowdfunding approaches. See our crowdfunding project with Southampton Solent University.

Opportunities to learn

We have extensive experience in operating a broad range of training that can make a real difference to entrepreneurs. We don’t believe that the ‘traditional business school’ approach to enterprise education is particularly useful, rather we celebrate the effectual approach, in which real, practical steps are identified so that ideas can be tested in the market place. All of our training is highly participative and practical, whether it’s our Kick Start Your Idea training day, or our Formation and Practice Boot Camp. Further training workshops include: Finance and Keeping Your Books, Tools for Taking Action, Turning Hobbies into Opportunities, and Marketing for Entrepreneurs.

Quick and easy ‘routes to market’

There is no better way to develop a business idea than by taking it to market as quickly as possible so that it can be tested on a small scale. To encourage this approach, we can develop routes to market that enable entrepreneurs to test their business in the ‘real-world’. An example is providing a market stall space that entrepreneurs can use to sell their products or services. Other examples include shop space (like RE:SO), or an agency service (like Solent Creatives).