OES is able to deliver a range of bespoke programmes, tailored to the budget, age group and subject passions of a particular group of students. Whatever your group wish to focus on, our specialist programmes are taught by university Professors of the highest calibre, who have a keen interest in helping students develop fresh perspectives and realise their academic potential.

An English language course can be integrated, and created to meet the specific needs of a particular group.

The programme can be complimented by selecting from a range of activities and excursions.

To list just a few of the programmes we are able to provide…

  • Basketball and English
  • Fashion and Culture in the UK
  • Sport and English
  • Performing Arts and English
  • Business and Finance with English

Regardless of your chosen itinerary, we can provide each group with a personalised package including intensive teaching, a rich cultural experience and a lively social programme.