Here at Opportunity Education we have some key values that are integral to everything we do:

• We value long term business relationships. We believe that by building long term business relationships everyone is set to gain. You get quality teachers and resources to work for you, parents gain reliable and committed teachers, children learn to speak English and learn about other cultures and we have the pleasure of helping all involved to achieve this.

• Quality – we believe in doing things properly and providing a service which is of a very high in quality. Our teachers are the best available with degrees from the best Universities in the world. Our cultural and language programmes are consistently rated as “excellent” and that’s why education companies send their students to our summer programmes.

• Giving back – we believe that business isn’t just about making money, we believe it’s also about making a positive impact for the benefit of everyone involved. We pride ourselves on the fact that we are helping children across Asia to learn English and have cultural experiences that will help them develop. We pride ourselves as a gateway between East and West.

• Understanding cultural differences – we work across many cultures which all have different ways of doing things. We respect this and understand these differences.