Sea Side Southampton Programme

Based on the beautiful south coast of England, in the city of Southampton, our Sea Side Summer Programme incorporates a rich schedule of academic, cultural and social activities that will ensure that each student has a once in a lifetime learning experience to cherish and remember. The topics of each lesson complement our cultural excursion and social programme, which enables students to enjoy supervised day trips to some of the UK’s most charming locations including Oxford, London, the New Forest and Bath.


Sea Side Southampton and London Programme

This programme provides the best of both worlds; an opportunity to enjoy a week in Southampton followed by a week in London. The first week is spent in Southampton and incorporates the best parts of our standard Sea Side programme.

This is followed by a week in London, a charming city full of history, sport, music, theatre, museums, iconic landmarks, and dozens of parks- it has so many spectacular sights and attractions, and we try to cram seeing as many of these as we can into just one week! Many of the English lessons are taken outside of the classroom, with activities and workshops held at a variety of different locations to enable students’ first-hand experience of this exciting city!


Parent and Child Programme

OES understand that parents are often keen to embark on the exciting journey of language and culture with their children, and we therefore run a specially developed programme for parents and children to enjoy side-by-side.

Based in Southampton, the parents’ timetable runs concurrently to the students’ timetable, and provides an opportunity to enhance English language skills whilst enjoying British traditions and day trips to premier shopping destinations. By joining the cultural excursion programme they will share the special experience of exploring some of the UK’s most exciting destinations together, and other activities will develop and improve English conversational skills.


London Finance & Business Programme

Based at one of the most famous universities in the world, located in the most exciting city and greatest financial hub, our London programme will introduce delegates to life at a prestigious UK University – the London School of Economics (LSE).

Delegates will live in Halls of Residence in Central London, and meet with Professors and Admissions Tutors. Visits to other premier universities are included, such as the University of Oxford and University of Cambridge, to tour their campus and halls of residences.

The academic programme incorporates presentations on British culture, UK Business and Finance, and an opportunity to meet with current British and Chinese university students to learn about their experiences first-hand. Delegates will also visit a renowned international business corporation to interact with senior executives.


South Coast University Programme

This programme has been designed to give students who wish to study abroad real insight into university life in the UK, and is based in the internationally renowned University of Southampton.  Students will live in Halls of Residence, and meet with Professors, Admissions Tutors and current students. The programme also incorporates visits to other premier universities such as the University of Oxford and University of Cambridge to tour their campus and halls of residences.

Students will also visit renowned international business corporations to interact with senior executives. In previous years this has included companies such as Ernst and Young, Price Waterhouse Cooper, Innocent Drinks and IBM. Excursions to some of the most beautiful and famous destinations in the UK are incorporated, as well as visits to famous art galleries, live music, and sports.


 Exclusive School Programme

The UK’s elite private schools attract top students from all continents due to their tradition of academic excellence and an ethos of all-rounded academic, sporting, musical and arts education. Located in beautiful surroundings, such schools were established hundreds of years ago, and have Royalty, Prime Ministers, public figures, famous historical figures, sporting heroes and leading academics as their alumni.

This programme will introduce this educational culture and enable students to learn new skills in a prestigious environment. The school boasts impressive sports facilities and a theatre. Barbecues, traditional English sports days and theme evenings are also organised for students.

Students stay in residential boarding houses, and day trips are also included to London, Oxford and Cambridge.


 Premier English Football Programme

England is home to the Premier League, one of the best football leagues in the world.  Our English and Football summer school gives students an insight into why the UK has such a fantastic league, with high quality football training from professional coaches and an exclusive tour of a Premier League team football stadium.

The football workshops are combined with interactive English lessons, and an opportunity to practice spoken English with British students. Students will have a chance to explore some of the UK during the cultural excursion programme to famous destinations such as London, Oxford and Winchester.


 Royal Experience Programme

The British upper classes can be defined by their high class etiquette, elite education, and typical pastimes may include traditional sporting activities, horse riding, fine dining, ballet and opera. Our Royal Experience programme enables students to indulge in a touch of class by enjoying luxury activities and workshops, visiting some of the UK’s finest homes and cultural sights, all while improving their English language skills.

The programme is based in elegant Winchester, home to some of the most exclusive schools in England, including Winchester College and St Swithun’s School, as well as the University of Winchester and the world renowned Winchester School of Art. Due to its architectural and historic interest and proximity to London, Winchester has become one of the most expensive and desirable areas to live the UK.